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A Professional Team Is
Your #1 Investment

Our Team

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Ada Eusebio

Ada Eusebio is our General Manager at M360 Management. She oversees the operation of all the hotels we manage, from the big picture to the detail. The properties are in good hands with Ada supervising everything that goes on in each of them, and most importantly, she manages our staff, the core of every business.   

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Freddy Rivas

Freddy is our Hotel Account Manager. Working together with Ada, he is in charge of managing the accounting department of each hotel under M360's management. He therefore oversees all expenses and incomes of the hotels, and also prepares monthly Profit & Loss reports.

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Agustina Teruggi

Agustina is our Marketing specialist that works to bring the best out of the hotels in terms of creating unforgettable experiences, brand identity, social media, benchmarking, and identifying opportunities to attract new guests and retain our current ones.

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Stella Garces

Stella is the Revenue Director in SG Hospitality, the company we work with closely to make the best out of our revenue efforts. With more than 15 years of experience working in different hotel formats, she has proven success in revenue management, operations, strategy and has developed strong relationships with key business partners.

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Andrés Espinosa

Andrés, also from SG Hospitality, is our Market Research Specialist. He works together with the rest of the team, to help us investigate new areas, locations, and properties to expand to.

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Taina Rivera

Taina is our Analyst & Revenue Manager from our SG Hospitality team. She is in charge of analyzing the information obtained through revenue maximization strategies to facilitate decision making.


Francesca Calvario

Francesca is our OTA Specialist & Revenue Manager from the SG Hospitality team, and has extensive experience in data analysis, logistics, and distribution. We trust her to make the best out of our use and relationships with the Online Travel Agencies.

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We Work As a Team To Build Your Dreams

Working as a team means delivering the best results. Our foundation is made up of our team members, and without them we would become just a name.

Trust us to build your dreams together. 

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